How To Stream Live Video On Twitch with Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters have always been a sensation among users and now with the arrival of Snap Camera, the fury has spread to other platforms. Now streaming live video with platforms like Twitch with Snapchat filters is a trend .

Those who broadcast on Twitch have the ability to customize their faces as if they were avatars , thanks to the filters of the Snap Camera application. This new feature makes broadcasts more entertaining for content creators and gamers. Without a doubt a trend that is here to stay.

Twitch users will have access to thematic filters related to video game characters. The most popular are those from LOL, PUBG, and World of Warcraft. Do not assume that users will be able to create their own filters with Studio.

How to stream live video on Twitch with Snapchat filters
  • The main thing is to download and install application Snap camera on your PC. Accept the terms of use and add your email.
  • Select the correct version of the application, depending on the operating system of your PC, Windows or MAC.
  • Install the app and start it. The first time, the app gives you a brief welcome showing the available functions.
  • Select the selfie filter you want to use for stream on Twitch .
  • Minimize the app screen Snap Camera and open the app you'll use to record the screen in the broadcast.
  • There are many apps you can use to record your screen such as XSplit and OBS Studio . In this particular case, we will be using OBS Studio.

  • To use OBS Studio, it must first be linked to Twitch channel that you are going to use for transmission.
  • Select the interface you are going to use for transmission. You can choose from the default ones or create your own.
  • Select the font you are going to use to capture the screen. Then the same Fonts menu click on the (+) button.
  • You must select the option Video capture device . It will show a list of devices and you need to select the Snap camera. Customize the size to your liking for streaming.
Once everything is configured, press the button Start transmission . You will be automatically redirected to the Twitch channel. We see that the image of the transmission is that of the camera with the Snapchat selfie filter.

You can edit selfie filter from the Snap Camera app without interrupting diffusion .

Use the Snap Camera extension on Twitch
Twitch already has an extension within its platform that allows viewers to unlock lenses worn by streamers during a broadcast. The plugin shows users the Snap code for each effect.

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In addition, users have the option of activate of filters special if they subscribe to your Twitch channel. A goal can be changed for each subscription level.

Configure the Snap Camera extension
  • You must have previously installed the Snap Camera application on the PC.
  • Open Snap Camera and click the twitch button , located at the top right.
  • Log in to your Twitch account and grant it permission to use Twitch with Snap Camera.
  • Install the extension Snap Camera. As soon as you have completed the previous step, they will automatically ask for installation.
  • In the extensions section, enable the new Snap Camera extension for it to work. Select the Activate option in component 1.
  • Select where on the screen to place the Snap Camera extension. Keep in mind that the extension should be placed in the same place where you place your webcam image.
  • Save any changes you've made and it's all ready to stream with the extension Snap camera .

Currently, Snap lenses are one of the biggest attractions on the platform. It is a strategy that intends to revive the old days of Snapchat and retain users with its Selfie filter technology, which is undoubtedly of excellent quality.